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Alimony, or spousal support, is granted in Tennessee but is not always awarded. Alimony is awarded when one spouse would struggle to make ends meet and other has the ability to pay. It is based on the need of one spouse and the ability to pay of the other.  Courts have wide latitude to determine whether it applies, how much and for how long.

Memphis divorce lawyer Misty D. Becker can determine if alimony would likely be granted in your case. Call her today at 901.881.6205 for a discreet consultation about all aspects of divorce. She represents both men and women in the Memphis area and the Shelby Fayette and Tipton Counties.

About Alimony in Tennessee

Marital assets are usually split equitably in divorce. Equitable in not always equal.  Therefore, the purpose of alimony is to attempt to equalize the income of each party after the divorce, so that the standard of living after a longer term marriage is not lopsided. There are four types of alimony:

  • In solido — A one-time lump sum payment, such as proceeds from sale of the marital home
  • In futuro — Monthly payments until death or remarriage, most common in long-term marriages in which one spouse has limited ability to earn a living (for example, a wife who stayed home to raise children and was never able to work)
  • Rehabilitative — Temporary alimony  paid while the disadvantaged spouse returns to school or otherwise increases their earning power
  • Transitional — Short-term alimony while one party gets back on his or her feet (a professional with high earning capacity who is not able to educate themselves to a position higher or one that has been out of the work force for a number of years)

Alimony can be negotiated as part of the divorce agreement or determined by a court. Ms. Becker ensures that your best interests are protected. If you will be receiving alimony, will the amount and duration meet your needs? If you will be paying, do you have the means to provide support?

The Becker Law Firm can also represent you in alimony modification proceedings — increasing alimony based on an ex-spouse's higher earnings, or a payer seeking to reduce or end alimony because the recipient is remarried or self-sufficient.

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